Hello to everyone in wordPress, being it human, supernatural creatures or aliens disguised to investigate our planet. 😉

I’m AnimeManiac001 (no, I’m not going to give you my real name, so before you ask you get the answer ;p ) or to short things up AM001. The last nick is the usual way to me to sign my posts so don’t be surprised. ;p

For you to know something about me… well, I love anime and manga (my username actually haves a point, Hurray for me :D) and fantastic books, mostly are of vampires but faries, angels, demons, super humans and talking animals are also in the list.

I’m 21 at the moment and my birthday is actually tomorrow, the 22th of September (not very relevant).

My favourite animals are cats (I have 3 and all are black), but I also like others domestic pets like dogs, birds and guinea pigs (and I have at least two of the mentioned animals). The wild animal I prefer is the white tiger, but I love normal ones, jaguars, lions, horses and wolfes. The marine animal I like the most is the dolphin and the wale.

Besides reading (books, manga) I spend most of my time llistining to my favourite musics of the moment and I do the two things reading and listening at the same time sometimes.

I’m in school right now and will be so for a while. And because of a series of problems I don’t internet at home so I can’t have acess to my accounts everytime so don’t be upset if I miss for long periods of time.

English is my second language (the first is Portuguese) so I’m not that good writing (unless I have the word to correct my mistakes) so if you see any mistake please warn me. I would be the most thankfull.

I run out of things to say (and I did ramble a bit) since I’m not really used to spill this many things about myself.

Bye Bye for now

Kiss Kiss